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Water We Need

Woodford Square fountain on March 21st, 2016, during a Water and Sewerage Authority campaign to encourage a reduction of water consumption due to extended, dry, weather conditions. This campaign includes possible financial penalties for the use of waterhoses, sprinklers, pressure washers, and decorative fountains.

March 16, 2016: The Water and Sewerage Authority (the “Authority”) advises customers and the general public that, effective midnight Friday 18th March, 2016 until further notice, the use of hosepipes and any similar apparatus for the purpose of, among other things watering private gardens and or washing private motor cars, will be prohibited in accordance with the Water and Sewerage Act Chapter 54:40 of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago (the “Act”).

Customers and the general public are further notified that, under the Act, the Authority has the responsibility for administering the supply of water and promoting the conservation and proper use of water resources. In particular, the Act provides for the following:

Upon giving notice to the public, the Authority may prohibit or restrict the use of its water supply supplied through a hosepipe or similar apparatus for the purpose of watering gardens or washing motor vehicles. This includes the use of sprinklers, pressure washers, as well as decorative fountains, waterfalls and other outdoor artistic features that utilize water.