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While much of the world seems to be slinging mud, or much worse, over issues of ethnicity and identity, Trinidad + Tobago, with its rich past, has wound up inheriting a lush amalgamation of peoples, cultures, practices, and histories, boasting of a rainbow people — industrial and industrious, innovative, ambitious, flavourful, mostly harmonious, and still loving a good, old time.

But this pair of southernmost, Caribbean islands is not without its challenges. The twin-island nation’s tropical landscape is always at risk from local threats, especially those related to the oil + gas sectors which drive its economy. And, as the world’s energy map changes, moving away from fossil fuels, many persons may soon be facing financial hardships, which threaten to exacerbate both environmental and social concerns. The nation is at an epoch, and time will tell how its history unfolds.

With those thoughts in mind, still-photographer, Shaun Rambaran, set out to document his thoughts and his islands; both in literal, photojournalistic terms, and also via metaphorical, artistic methods.
Good photography, good research, and good Art, take time. If you like the work being shown on Method, please support. Your support frees up time which would then be pushed into making more work and telling more stories. You are helping to cover hosting fees, film-processing fees, taxi fare, modelling and make-up fees, as well as repair equipment that is constantly breaking down from use.

In turn, you too shall be supported. Throughout Method are advertising banners, which shall be time-shared among a limited number of patrons of a certain level. Additionally, your support would allow the freedom of time to host monthly chat sessions where Life, philosophy, and Art can be discussed. You can learn about Trinidad + Tobago, the Caribbean, local foods (there are amazing foods here), photography, website design, or whatever else you wish. Or cats.


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