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“Jus’ take dat dog, put it in a box and throw it somewhere,” was one suggestion to address the challenge posed by seeking a home for a stray puppy. As reassurance, the speaker added, “Maybe the La Basse 1 or something—He go have plenty to eat.”

At the time that suggestion was made, the possibly eight-week old pup—who had been separated from his mother and was allegedly found in the cold, damp of Carenage—was in a weakened state from malnutrition and worm infestation.

If the suggestion was taken, it seems likely the puppy would have died in the dump. If he didn’t, however, what would the chances have been that the abandoned, un-neutered male pup would go on to sire at least one generation of new, stray animals to scavenge the streets? Is roaming the streets as a stray a good Life for a dog, or a miserable one?

Every decision we make matters, and always affects our communities in one way or another—positive or negative.

The pup was called ‘Mopsy’ and is currently being sheltered, fed, treated and is awaiting a ‘forever-home’.

1 The landfill in Beetham.