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Yard Core

Arranged by the ‘Sticks in de Yard‘ group (formerly known as ‘#1000mokos’), ‘Yard Core’ is a weekly initiative to get a group of stiltwalkers Carnival-fit in time for the 2019 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

The walkers meet at Queen’s Park Savannah Grand Stand, then after some stretching and warmingup, they begin their lap of the 3.5km Savannah perimeter in the hot, midday sun.

Some of the walkers will go on to join one of the small handful of traditional mas / oldmas Carnival bands as moko jumbies. 2019 expects to see another presentation by Alan Vaughan’s Moko Somõkõw coming out of Belmont, as well as a portrayal by Adrian Young’s Future Jumbies of Tarodale, Trinidad.