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De 2018 Walk

2018 was a year dense with exhilarations, adventures, challenges, places, peoples, thoughts, ideas, learning, and experiences for the Sticks in de Yard group—formerly called #1000mokos.

The year saw (among other things) an intense participation in the 2018 Carnival with Moko Sõmõkow, visits to Wildflower Park and the 2018 New Fire Festival, oldmas presentations by Joshua Lue Chee Kong at the Port of Spain library, all sitting on top of the fortweekly Sticks in de Yard sessions at Alice Yard, Woodbrook.

Sticks in de Yard aims to tackle 2019 hard, beginning with the leadup to the 2019 Carnival, and hopefully seeing a few exciting and ambitious opportunities openup if all goes according to plan.