Athlete, Shauna Edghill. Make-up by Adafih Padmore.

Dragon Boat

Heavy and fully human-powered, a dragon boat is a paddled longboat, possibly originating from the Guangdong Province of China over two thousand years ago. The craft’s efficiency relies on the endurance and strength of each individual crewman, then properly syncronised to unleash each person’s effort at once.

Dragon boat as a sport is likely rooted in training for naval combat, though the history is embellished with myth, including the story of the drowning suicide of a patriotic, Chinese minister named Qu Yuan. The sport began in Trinidad and Tobago in 2006, motivated by the persistent efforts of local businessmen of Chinese descent, and has been growing to date.

In 2014 a crew of over twenty Trini athletes, including Shauna Edghill, represented Trinidad and Tobago at the ninth Dragon Boat Club Crew World Championships in Italy.