The digital airbrushing of photographs presents a distant fiction from the scrappy reality of Life. Real Life isn’t ‘perfect’. Things are what they are—that’s the reality. And reality is messy.

For many of us there’s a mental, and sometimes physical, pain associated with pining after fantasy. What do these self-inflicted scars do when one is already whole? Do we ignore our bodies’ and minds’ own, in-built powers in favour of physically-impossible fabrications by others? Why?

Truthfully, until early-2016 the author of this writing had also been guilty of ‘photoshopping‘ some of the author’s own staged photographs, becoming fairly adept, until choosing to throw away those skills—airbrushing; healing; frequency-separation; whitening; all of it—when it was found that personal ideals disagreed with the author’s practices.

Let us continue to explore this bizarre messiness called Life, embracing its pleasures, pains, and strangeness for all that they are worth, and for the limited time that we have.

Subject: Shakellah Mungo
Makeup: Adafih Padmore

Publish Date: 14th April, 2017

Project: ESP

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